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Hey there, lovebirds! I'm really into giving you all the info you need, upfront, with pricing - so here's what I offer and what it costs!

For less words and more dollar signs, scroll to the bottom of this page to build your own planning package.
To be unburdened of doing the maths, just hit that contact button below and I'll be happy to chat with you via phone or email to figure out what you need and crunch the numbers for you. You can even say, "Cindy, we have $____ to spend on you, how should we use it?" and I'll recommend the best set of services I can provide at the price you can afford!

By the way, 5% of every sale goes to an organization working towards social justice, full equality for all persons, protecting this one planet we have, and generally making the world a better place. Read about it here.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN WEDDING (a self-paced online wedding planning class)

Coming Summer 2017

Wedding planning should be fun! And relatively stress-free. Join me and other rad couples as you plan your wedding on your own terms. This class includes 10+ video lessons with my best tips for saving money while you create an day (or days) that reflects the two of you without blowing your budget. With my planning worksheets, organizational documents, booze calculator, and years of experience, I will get you through the the ups and downs of wedding planning! You'll also get access to a live Ask-Me-Anything every month and memebership in a private facebook group where you'll meet your fellow off-the-beaten-path engaged peeps. (Don't worry - I'll be answering your questions in there, too.)

$45 per month when you subscribe to the full course (10 lessons); all content available immediately
$54 per lesson when you purchase lessons individually
Try before you buy - the first lesson, Why Your Wedding Needs a Manifesto (And How to Make One) - is completely free!


is a kind of vague term that basically boils down to: whatever I can do to help you. Whether that’s an hour of consultation to get the ball rolling, handling every single detail start-to-finish, or something in between, I'm on it! Some things that might entail are establishing and managing your wedding budget; researching venues and vendors, narrowing them down to your top choices, and negotiating contracts with them; keeping you on track for all the wedding-tasks that need completing; reminding you of payment and head count deadlines; designing, sourcing and creating decorations; helping you select invitations or wedding attire, making travel arrangements for you or your guests, and whatever else needs to be done! Most couples opt to include Wedding Coordination, described below.

Pricing ranges from $70 for an hour of consultation up to around $9,000 for full-service, start-to-finish planning and encompasses everything in between. Which is really unhelpful in terms of hard numbers, so don't be afraid to contact me for a consultation and custom proposal!

Availability: I currently have 3 openings for 2018 weddings and 4 openings for 2019 weddings.


Are you confident in your ability to take on the legwork, but in need of some professional guidance to sort out the results of your amazing Google-fu? Then my signature Wedding Stage Management service may be for you! We’ll kick things off with a brainstorming, budget-strategizing session to get you started. Armed with my wedding planning checklist and a customized online budget spreadsheet (complete with booze calculator!) you’ll be planning away in no time. When you have an etiquette question, a budgeting concern, or want my opinion or expertise on wedding stuff, I'm just a phone call or email away because unlimited consultation is included in this package. As you book your vendors, I’ll become your liaison with them, managing changes, reminding you of payment deadlines, and handling anything that comes up. Monthly planning meetings will ensure no detail is forgotten as you plan. You’ll be the picture of zen as we manage the final details leading up to your wedding day.

$3685 with Wedding Coordination, described below
$2690 without Wedding Coordination

Availability: I currently have 2 openings for fall/winter 2017 and 4 openings for 2018 weddings.


You've got your whole wedding planned just the way you want it, and now you want to relax and enjoy it! Let me take over in the weeks leading up to your big day so you can do just that. Some people call this “day-of-coordination”, which is a bit of a misnomer - I spend around 40 hours on each wedding I coordinate, and we get started way before the wedding happens! About half of those hours are preparation - reviewing plans, tweaking the timeline, communicating with vendors, and organizing information - which ensures that I can do the best possible job managing everything so you can be truly present. We'll start with a check-in meeting about three months before the wedding to review plans, identify needs that may have been overlooked, and make suggestions for completion of remaining planning tasks. We’ll meet again about a month before the big day to finalize everything and make sure all questions are answered. In the week leading up to the wedding, I'll confirm all the details with your vendors, and provide a schedule you can give to your wedding party/family/VIPs. We'll walk through the venue together to go over the layout and event flow and I'll manage your rehearsal. Of course and most obviously, I'll be there to coordinate your wedding day start-to-finish so that you can soak up the love knowing that all the moving parts are under control.

$2480, with FREE travel in the continental United States
*Please note that weddings with separate ceremony and reception locations, 150+ guests, lots of DIY, and/or non-full-service catering usually require one or more assistants to ensure that everything gets done and goes smoothly. When needed, the cost is $750, which includes all travel expenses.

Availability: I currently have 3 openings for July-December 2017, and 11 openings for 2018.

SMALL BUDGET WEDDING COORDINATION with someone Cindy trusts to handle your wedding like a boss

I'm building a network of wedding coordinators, most of whom are theatrical stage managers (click to find out why that's awesome), across the nation. If available in your wedding destination, I can connect you with one of these magical people at an affordable price. You'll put together your wedding's organizational paperwork with my guidance, we'll review it together with your local coordinator, and then I'll let you all handle it from there. Includes two pre-wedding meetings, a venue walk through, rehearsal management, and full coordination of your wedding day.

$995. Same notes as above apply with regard to the need for assistants. Available in the following metro areas: Chicago, Illinois; Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, Iowa; Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota


Sticking to your budget is difficult, especially if you've never planned a large event before and have no idea what things usually cost! In our Budget Strategy session, we'll sit down with you and go over every bit of your budget line by line. We'll make suggestions about places you can cut costs (not just the guest list!) while staying true to your wedding vision. You'll leave the session with online access to your personalized budget to track your spending as you continue planning. Sessions are available via phone, video chat, or in person in the St. Louis area.

$175, includes 30 days of follow up support following our 90-minute session


Combine anything you want in any way you want! No gimmicks. Here are the standard options I offer:


Wedding Planning: $65-$9000, with most couples spending $4000-$6000
Wedding Stage Management - $2690
Wedding Coordination - $2480
Wedding Stage Management + Coordination - $3685
Budget Wedding Coordination - $995 (available in select locations)


Wedding Planning 101: Start as you mean to go on with a budget/planning session + 30 days unlimited consultation - $490
Coordination Bootcamp: Get everything in order to handle the wedding yourselves or hand off to a volunteer coordinator - $390
Monthly Planning: Up to 15 hours of my time for any wedding-related purpose - $310/month
Booty Call Service: 3 calls per month, ~30 minutes each, to get your planning booty in gear - $140/month
Hourly Consultation: 60 minutes of my time for any wedding-related purpose - $70/hour


I am so very excited to travel the world for your awesome wedding adventure!

Travel within the continental United States is FREE for all packages that include Wedding Coordination
Add $650 for North America (Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean)
Travel to other continents and/or for packages that do not include Wedding Coordination will be billed at cost for airfare, lodging, local transportation, and meals. Please request a quote if you don't want to crunch the numbers yourself!

Again, if what you are looking for isn't listed, that doesn't mean I can't do it - so click that contact button and let's figure it out together!


I accept checks, PayPal, Venmo, and all major credit cards. Yes, your parents can pay me instead. Generally, my fee is split into 2 or 3 payments, with 50% due at booking, 25% due the month before your wedding, and the rest due sometime in between. Most a la carte services are paid in full upfront. Payment plans are available for any combination of services booked that total $300 or more.