Wedding Planning Subscriptions


It's crazy important to me that everyone who wants help planning their wedding can get it, no matter what size budget you have. So I created the world's first wedding planning subscription to get you the advice, tools, and support you need at a price you can afford.

Two enrollment levels allow you choose the right amount of planning support for your needs and your budget. Scroll down for all the juicy details.

Subscriptions open in January 2018.


Choose Your Own Wedding (my online wedding planning course)

Wedding planning should be FUN and (relatively) stress-free! Join me and other rad couples as you plan your wedding on your own terms.

We'll go step-by-step through the process of creating a wedding that reflects the two of you, and you'll get all my best tips along the way. Each lesson focuses on a different piece of the wedding puzzle, and I'll provide options and solutions for whatever kind of wedding you are planning - whether that is traditional or offbeat, formal or casual, a massive party or an intimate gathering, or something in between.

With planning worksheets, organizational documents, a booze calculator, and my 20+ years of experience in live events, I will help you navigate the confusing world of wedding planning!

Monthly Live Planning Calls

Once a month, we'll get together for a live Q&A. You'll be able to ask anything and get an instant answer, lurk and learn from other couples' questions, and catch up with recordings of prior calls.

Private Facebook Group

In our private group, we'll be supporting each other as we plan. This is the spot to share your inspiration, get feedback on your ideas, talk wedding etiquette, ask questions, and build a community together.

Exclusive Discounts

As you work through the course, you may find that you could use a little extra help with parts of your wedding planning. So when you are enrolled in a planning subscription, you can add on any of these services at a reduced rate:

Anti-Panic Chillout Call - $25/half hour (regular price: $35/half hour)
Hourly Consultation - $50 (regular price: $70)
Timeline Magic - $65 (regular price: $75)
Budget Strategy Session - $150 (regular price: $175)
Wedding Planning 101 or Coordination Bootcamp - $425 (regular price $475)

Plus a 10% discount on any coordination or planning package!

Get more details on these services here.

So what are you waiting for? Add your name the list for early access and introductory pricing!

Subscriptions will be available beginning in January 2018.


$37 per month

This level is for those of you who are great at motivating yourselves and won't need any prodding to keep working through the lessons until you have a great plan in place!

Here's what you'll get:

✔︎ Video lessons, worksheets, organizational documents, and tools to plan at your own pace, when it's convenient for you
✔︎ Private Facebook group for inspiration, support, and guidance as you plan
✔︎ Monthly Live Planning Calls to get your questions answered
✔︎ Access to the full archive of all the prior Monthly Live Planning calls
✔︎ Exclusive discounts on a la carte planning services
✔︎ Cancel anytime


$63 per month
available in 6 or 9 month packages

This level is for those of you would like more hands-on support or need me to kick your butt into gear and keep it going as you plan!

Includes everything in the live level, plus:

✔︎ One-on-One planning calls: Each month, you'll get a 30-minute planning call with me, just for the two of you. I'll walk you through each step in the wedding planning process and provide personalized recommendations as you plan.
✔︎ Contract review: As you book your vendors, send your contracts my way! I'll personally review them for any red flags and things you'll need to do to keep up your end of the deal.
✔︎ Wedding Plan Review: My expert eyes on your completed wedding plans, with a focus on timing, logistics, areas where you may need extra help, and details you might have overlooked.

⇒ HERE'S WHY THESE SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE A GIANT WIN FOR EVERYONE: The content in Choose Your Own Wedding is comparable to my Wedding Stage Management package, which is designed to walk you through every part of planning a wedding with my money-saving tips, logistical know-how, and wedding planner brain completely at your disposal. When I do this in a one-on-one setting, it costs several thousand dollars.

But because we're going to be together in a group, I am able to offer the same tools and advice to you at a fraction of the cost. And as a bonus, you're going to to get ideas you wouldn't have thought of and advice that might not have come up when working directly with me, because you'll have the benefit of hearing other people's planning conundrums, creative solutions, and inspired plans!

YOU WIN! - because you get the planning help you need at an affordable price, and you still get all your specific questions answered in the monthly calls and the Facebook group, as well as the one-on-one planning calls if you subscribe at the live level. Plus you don't have to put on pants for any of it. 😉

I WIN! - because I get to help more people - which makes my heart real happy! Plus I can do it all in my stretchy pants, too. 😉