Hello, Pacific Northwesterners!

I'm finally in the PNW where my heart belongs and I'm so happy to be here that I've brought a gift for you: my Wedding Management package at its former midwestern price of $2,475.

Here's the Deal.

If you don’t have a couple clones of yourself stashed away for your big day, then you need a wedding manager to be in the places that you can’t be doing the things that you can’t do. Learn more about what Wedding Management is.

And if you’re ditching the outdated, patriarchal, gendered traditions? Then your wedding manager has to be someone who will fully support your offbeat vision. (And be willing to stand up to your parents and your other wedding vendors about it, if necessary.)

Hello, I’m Cindy Savage, former Offbeat Bride and theatre stage manager turned wedding planner, and I am here and queer for all of your quirky, nerdy, gay, and otherwise non-traditional wedding shenanigans! 

I’m old AF in wedding-industry years (9 years & counting) but I’m super duper new to the Pacific Northwest and I’m gonna share my excitement about big trees, mountains, and oceans with you by giving you a sweet, sweet deal. 

TL;DR: If you’re getting hitched in Seattle or Portland in 2020, you can get my signature Wedding Management service at its former midwestern price of just $2,475. Since it’s usually $3,250, that means you’re saving almost 25% just for having your wedding on the best coast. 

Ok, And Who's Gonna Be Managing Our Wedding?

I’m glad you asked! I’m assuming you got to this page after finding me somewhere else on the internet, so you probably know a little bit about me already. If not, here’s what you really need to know about me:

  • I’m a super liberal, queer, feminist wedding planner
  • I’m all about helping you have the wedding you actually want, regardless of what Martha Stewart, The Knot, or your mom thinks you should do. (Unless, of course, that’s what you want.)
  • I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m really good at it!

Learn more about me and/or get the scoop on my not-quite-decade in business or just go ahead and schedule your free consultation already.

The Fine Print

Oh, yay, an excuse to make a bullet-pointed list! I love those. Here are the details of my Pacific Northwest Wedding Management special:

  • It’s for weddings in the Seattle or Portland metro areas that are taking place anytime in 2020.
  • It includes everything in my signature Wedding Management package.
  • The flat rate of $2,475 includes me and an assistant for your entire wedding day. (This is the right amount of staff for most weddings, but if you have more than 250 guests and/or extensive DIY setup/breakdown, we may need to bring on additional help at the rate of $350 per assistant.)
  • It’s subject to my availability for your wedding date and spaces are limited.
  • You have to hire me by February 15, 2020.

What's Next?

  1. We meet and get to know each other a little bit. We talk about your wedding plans and what I do. Your questions get answered.
  2. You decide if you like me and want to work together and so do it.
  3. If it’s a “hell, yeah!”, then we do the paperwork and payment to get you booked and we start planning!