Wedding Planning & Event Design

So… you wanna have a wedding, but you have no clue how to start planning? Or the thought of spending hundreds of hours hunting for the perfect venue, researching wedding pros, reading contracts, and figuring out timelines makes you wanna pull your hair out? Maybe you haven’t spent your whole life picturing your wedding and you literally have no idea what your wedding should look and feel like, and no desire to figure out how make it happen? Or possibly you are very busy people and you just want to live your life while your wedding magically plans itself according to the vision inside your heads?

Hello! I am Cindy and I make wedding magic happen! When you hire me for complete wedding planning, we’ll work together on every detail of your event. We’ll start with a vision exercise to determine what your ideal wedding looks and feels like. Using those priorities, we’ll establish your wedding budget, an overall aesthetic, and then we will get planning. And by “we”, I mean I’ll be doing all the grunt work and handling all the minutiae so you don’t have to, and you’ll get to do only the parts that you actually enjoy doing! Together, we get everything sorted out and you’ll have as much (or as little) input as you wish at every step along the way.

Kiley & O'Neal's Ignite Glass Studio wedding. © Christy Tyler Photography

…But I’ll never make decisions without you – after all, it’s your wedding and only you two truly know what you want it to be. Many folks worry that hiring a planner means their wedding will end up being just like every other wedding, and it’s just not true here at Aisle Less Traveled. Some of my favorite weddings have been those that truly do their own thing – and that’s what I want for you! I’m so here for helping you brainstorm ideas that fit your style and personalities, and then figuring how we can make them work in your wedding.

Here are a few of the things that a complete wedding planning and design package typically includes:

  • Establishing your wedding vision & priorities
  • Setting and managing your wedding budget
  • Creating an overall aesthetic and sourcing event design suppliers
  • Researching venues and service providers for every part of your wedding
  • Guiding you to narrow down selections and make your top choices
  • Handling contracts and reminding you of payment and other deadlines
  • Assisting you with selection of wedding attire, stationery, favors, and other purchases
  • Providing expertise on etiquette, industry standards, traditions, and other issues
  • Regular planning meetings with you to keep us on track and answer your planning questions
  • Liaison with service providers throughout the planning process, including handling all communications, managing changes or updates to your plans, assisting you with any final selections you need to make, and ensuring they have everything they need throughout the planning process and wedding day
  • Unlimited consultation via phone and email on every aspect of your wedding 
  • Start-to-finish management of your rehearsal and wedding day (see “Wedding Management” for details)

$6875 - 10,000+

No two weddings are exactly the same and that’s why there isn’t a set fee. Weddings are priced individually based on a number of factors, including size and scope of event, wedding location, and length of our planning process. Most complete wedding planning and design packages fall between $7,000-9,000, including travel to your wedding location for at least one in-person planning trip as well as your wedding weekend. Partial planning packages usually average $4,000-6,000 with a hand-picked selection of services based on your needs and include Wedding Management.

Availability: Limited openings remain for weddings in 2019. Now booking for weddings in 2020. Complete wedding planning may be booked up to 18 months prior to your intended wedding date and is best suited to couples who have at least 6 months to plan.

We wanna hire you. How do we do that?

All Aisle Less Traveled weddings start with a free consultation so we can get to know one another. We’ll be spending a ton of time together, especially on your wedding day, so it’s crucial that we like hanging out together and we get along well!!

It’s kind of like that all-important first date after you’ve messaged back and forth for a week: do we have the right wedding planning chemistry? I hope so! But if not, no worries – we’ll go our separate ways, and I know you’ll find a planner who is the right one for you.

After we meet, I’ll get to work on a customized proposal for you – it’ll have all the details and the exact pricing for your package so there are no surprises. If it looks good, then we’ll be ready to get started; if not, I’ll be happy to revise until we find the right combination of services for you.

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