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So, you found your person and you decided to get married. AMAZING!
But now, you have to actually plan a wedding.

You’ve heard from friends and family what a massive pain in the ass planning a big event actually is. You know it takes a ton of time that you don’t have. It seems pretty hard because you don’t know how do any of it. And you took one look at a wedding planning checklist and decided there is no fucking way you are doing this alone!

So you made a very wise choice to whip out your phone and drop “wedding planner in Seattle” in your search bar because you would very much rather pay a professional to do it well than give up all of your free trying to plan it yourself.

Maybe you were lucky enough to find us first. (We hope so!) More likely, though, you poked around a few other Seattle wedding planner sites, saw a bunch of straight, cisgender, white, skinny people on pages full of pastels and script fonts, and you thought, “Wow, no thank you.”

And then, somehow, you made it here. (Whew.)

Welcome to the land of queer folks and offbeat weddings! Home of bold colors and f-bombs. The place to find a wedding planner who can make this wedding planning thing a whole lot less stressful.

You deserve an amazing wedding - and that means you need a Seattle wedding planner who gets you.

Finding your person and deciding to commit to them for the indefinite future deserves an absolutely epic celebration!

You and your partner(s) deserve a wedding day that is nothing short of unadulterated joy – one where you won’t be deadnamed, misgendered, or stuffed awkwardly into a little cishet wedding box.

And you deserve to be fully present on your wedding day to soak it all in, not to be stuck answering questions or watching the clock to make sure dinner starts on time.

As you’re probably starting to suspect by now, that kind of wedding magic actually takes a lot of hard work! And it usually turns out better when that work is done by someone who knows what they’re doing. You’ve probably never planned a wedding or even a large-scale event before. But us? We’ve planned and executed hundreds of them, the majority of which have been for LGBTQ+ folks and non-traditional people.

Bride in blue suit and bride in plaid suit with red rose boutonn

Hi, I'm a queer wedding planner in Seattle for LGBTQ+ folks and our allies.

non-binary person with purple hair wearing a navy top with a zip collar and glasses

Yup, that’s me – Cindy Savage. Your queer, fat, feminist wedding fairy godplanner in Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest. My team and I help LGBTQ+ marriers and our allies create meaningful, modern, and fun weddings.

With more than a decade of experience, we have the knowledge, skills, and connections to turn those wedding ideas floating around in your head into an event that could only be your wedding.

We love creating unforgettable weddings with stunning visuals! Events that are so personal, there’s no way they could be for anyone else – and that are so much fun, your guests will say it’s the best wedding they’ve ever attended.

And, uh, not to brag but we are really fucking good at it. (Plus, we’re a bunch of weirdos who actually love it, too.) We take the stress out of wedding planning and put the fun back in. Together, we can plan the YOU-est wedding there ever could be – and we’ll probably even have a good time doing it.

We proudly and lovingly serve our LGBTQ+ community and allies with a full suite of wedding planning and officiating services. Check ’em out!

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Nick & Franklin

planning & event design

If you’re a queer person looking for a wedding planner, hire Aisle Less Traveled. Cindy and her team went above and beyond in every single way. Thanks to Cindy’s guidance and industry savvy, my husband and I were able to prioritize what we wanted from our wedding and find amazing vendors.

Our wedding looked like it came out of a magazine, our guests raved about what an amazing experience it was between the visuals and the service, and all of it was under the budget we set!

Wedding vendor who came here for LGBTQ+ inclusivity training? Click here.

Planning our wedding with Cindy and the Aisle Less Traveled team at the helm could not have been more delightful! From our very first encounter, we were absolutely wowed with Cindy’s through approach and positive energy.

As a queer couple, wedding planning can feel extra daunting – especially when the industry is geared to one specific version of what weddings are. Cindy asked so many thoughtful questions about what we wanted, who would be present, how our people would participate, never making assumptions and supporting each of our unique visions. She was also excellent at marrying (pun intended) our different styles and requests which felt super special. We could not recommend Cindy enough as your wedding planner!

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Jackie & Tracey

wedding management

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