Alternative Wedding Planning for Independent, Feminist, & LGBTQ+ People

Seattle, St. Louis, and Beyond

Hi, I’m Cindy, your queer feminist wedding planner. I help independent, feminist, and LGBTQ+ couples like you plan meaningful weddings without losing your sanity or blowing your budget. I’m based in Seattle (my new town) and St. Louis (my hometown) – but I love to travel so much that it’s included for the entire continental US in all of my packages!

I offer a wide range of wedding planning services from wedding planning subscriptions for DIY-ers to my signature wedding management package to full-service, start-to-finish wedding planning and design, plus a la carte options you can mix and match. If you want to plan with me, I’ve got something that will fit your needs and your budget. With modern technology, I’m a mostly virtual wedding planner – so we can work together no matter where you (or your wedding) are located.

Enough about me, though – let’s talk about YOU!

Cindy Savage Aisle Less Traveled Wedding Planner. Photo by Pinxit Photo.

So you've found your person and you got engaged and everything is amazing!

Except that now you have to actually plan a wedding.

Alternative Wedding Planner for independent, feminist, & LGBTQ+ people
Sarah & Matt's Chicago Wedding at Salvage One © Jeremy Lawson Photography

Tell me if this is you:

    • You started planning on your own because how hard could it be?
    • You’ve lost countless hours scouring the internet trying to figure out how this whole wedding planning thing works.
    • You’ve tried to narrow a vision down on Pinterest, but there were eleventy-million good ideas so now you have 7 different perfect weddings planned – but you’re not sure any of them are actually what you and your partner want.
    • You’ve turned to the blogs for inspiration, only to find a sea of cookie-cutter weddings, a bride-centric narrative, and not a single couple who looks like the two of you.
    • Unsolicited opinions are flying at you from all directions, and people keep saying things like “You have to _______” and “But that’s the way weddings are done!”

In short, you've discovered the complete fuckery that is wedding planning and eloping is starting to look really damn good.

Do you want a photo of all the guests at your small wedding like this one? I'll be there to wrangle people into position for your photographer.
Kris & Stacy's Pinwheel-Themed Wedding © Cristina G Photography

News Flash: You Need A Wedding Planner!

(And you need it to be someone who just gets you.)

Someone who won’t shove you into a wedding-industry-shaped box. Someone who thinks your quirky couple things are rad and who celebrates your love equally and who will question the patriarchy along the way with you.

Oh yeah, and someone who maybe has done this a few times before.

Take a deep breath and let me handle this. It's what I do - and I'm really good at it.

Together, we can plan the YOU-est wedding there ever could be – and we’ll probably even have fun doing it.

Let's start exactly where you are. Which one of these is how you feel right now?

We are freaking out because we don't know WTF we are doing and this is all completely overwhelming.
Ok, no problem! You need...
We just wanna be engaged and live our lives and for someone else to handle all this wedding planning bullshit for us.
You got it! Let's talk about...

Here are some of my favorite happy couples! Find out what they have to say about working with me here. ​

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