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The Aisle Less Traveled Experience

The reason you’re checking out our wedding planning packages instead of another planner’s is not because of what we do, it’s because of how we do it. 

You‘re here because something about us made you feel welcome and seen. You’re also here because you’re already busy doing life – you don’t need a second job – and you’re smart enough to know that wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful if you leave it to the pros. 

When you become an Aisle Less Traveled client, you get to bring your whole, true selves to this process and you get our 13+ years of experience, our fine art background, and our proven planning process. 

You get our full attention the entire time we’re planning together because we take a maximum of fifteen weddings each year in order to give it to you. 

You get our enthusiastic support of your most wild and creative wedding planning dreams, because we say yes to everything (as long as it’s safe, logistically possible, and within budget.)

And that means when your wedding day finally rolls around, you’ll actually get to enjoy it, knowing that every detail has been considered and everything is handled. 

You deserve a planning experience and a wedding that celebrates your fabulous selves exactly as you are. 

That’s what we do.

two brides with wildflower bouquets at Lodge at St Edward grotto wedding

Wedding Planning & Event Design

If you took one look at a wedding planning checklist and thought, “hell no, that’s not for us, we need a wedding planner STAT,” then this is your package. 

Your vision? Crafted. Your budget? Planned to the last dollar. Your perfect venue? Delivered to you on a platter. (Ok, actually a PDF, but you get the idea.) 

A beautiful design with a thoughtful color palette that’s carried through every last detail of your day and a team of vendors who are true artists to make it come to life? Our Event Design service is included so this is done and done.

Logistics planned, timeline confirmed, and your wedding day executed flawlessly? Check, check, check.

This is the everything package. Everything we can do for you, we do for you. We’ll even track down your outstanding RSVPs.

starting at 10,575
recommended for wedding budgets of 60k+

Event Design & Wedding Management

We have art degrees and we know how to use them! For those who want to wow their guests with stunning visuals, but aren’t confident in bringing all the ideas together into a cohesive vision, our Event Design & Wedding Management service will wow your guests and ensure that your carefully laid plans go off without a hitch.

We’ll start by gently teasing an aesthetic vision out of you (even if you think you don’t have one!) and turning it into a cohesive design for your wedding. With a mood board and the right color palette in hand, we’ll secure your design team: florals, lighting, rentals, stationery, and anything else visual. 

We’ll bring everyone together at your venue to brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other, collaborating on the final design as an artistic team. 

And then, we’ll oversee setup of every design detail, as well as manage you day from start to finish, with our Wedding Management service (details below.)

starting at 7725
recommended for wedding budgets of 50k+

hall at fauntleroy wedding reception
bride and groom dancing under blue and purple lights

Wedding Management

(a.k.a. "Day-of-Coordination")

starting at 4250
recommended for wedding budgets of 30k+

Custom Planning

For those who have completed a significant portion of their planning already but would like our help with what’s left, we offer this in-between package. It always includes Wedding Management (see above) and can include just about anything else you need or want.

Need help sourcing the last few vendors or vetting those you’re considering? 
Want to walk through your venue together to get the flow just right?
Struggling to sort our your budget? 
Just want someone to help you get started, check in on you regularly, and make sure you have all of your questions answered? 

We’ve got you! We’ll build a custom planning package to meet your needs.

starting at 6500
recommended for wedding budgets of 40k+

bride and groom at end of outdoor wedding ceremony

Cindy & Aisle Less Traveled supported us through planning our wedding reception and ceremony, communicating with vendors, and above all, listened to us, supported us, and made everything happen perfectly on our wedding day. 

The biggest thing that sets Cindy apart from other vendors for us was that from the beginning, we always felt like we were being heard! I can’t tell you how many vendors I spoke with who make assumptions about our event or our desires, so when I discovered Cindy, it was so refreshing to know we could have a trusted partner who understands who we are and how to make our ideal wedding day happen.  

I also appreciated how we were asked good probing questions to make sure the team had all the details to make the day come together perfectly. I highly recommend hiring Aisle Less Traveled! Don’t think twice about it! It was 100% the best investment we made for our wedding day.

bride and groom cut cake at Wisteria Hall wedding

Natalie & Tim

wedding management

Ready to start planning together? Give us your deets:

All weddings are subject to the COVID-19 policies below, so please scroll down to read through them before you inquire!


Wedding Planning & Design, Event Design with Wedding Management, and Custom Planning packages can be booked up to two years before your anticipated wedding date. 

Wedding Management packages may be booked up to one year in advance, once you have a confirmed date and venue.

Due to the number of inquiries we receive, we do not hold dates. If you’re interested in planning with us, inquire now so that we can get your no-obligation consultation on our calendar. You will receive your custom proposal and planning contract within 24 hours of your consultation. We encourage you to sign it as soon as you decide you’d like to work with us in order to secure your date. 

As a team who cares deeply about accessibility – including how COVID affects those who are disabled or immunocompromised, we take COVID very seriously. Here’s what we’re doing to keep everyone as safe as possible:
  • Our team is fully vaccinated and boosted.
  • We will wear masks during events and in-person meetings for the foreseeable future.
  • We conduct most of our planning meetings virtually, which minimizes potential exposure (and is super convenient, too.)
  • We will work together with you to develop a COVID prevention and safety policy for your wedding, if you’d like one, and to ensure that your wedding complies with any local government or health department mandates that are in effect.
  • We are only accepting weddings within the Pacific Northwest planned for up to 150 guests.
  • Our team only works one wedding per weekend to ensure that we can isolate between events and that we have backup staff available in case of illness. (And to give you our full attention!)
  • All Aisle Less Traveled contracts include one no-fee postponement if your wedding cannot be held as planned due to COVID.
Here’s what we expect from of you:
  • We ask you to protect us and our families by being up to date on your own vaccines and boosters.
  • We appreciate you wearing masks when we meet in person to plan your wedding, but it’s not required.
  • We do not expect you or your guests to mask at your wedding unless it’s what you want.

It depends on what we have planned in our personal lives, but it’s possible! A $1000 surcharge will be added to our fee as compensation for giving up time that we would have otherwise spent with our loved ones and to cover a higher holiday pay rate for our team.

Holidays and special family dates subject to this surcharge are: Memorial Day, Juneteenth, June 30th, Independence Day, Labor Day, September 16th & 17th, Thanksgiving weekend (Thurs-Sun), December 15th, and our winter break from December 22nd through January 5th.

We do! Alt+Ctrl+Wed™ is our virtual wedding planning membership for folks on smaller budgets or who simply prefer to tackle the planning on their own. You’ll get instant access to our comprehensive wedding planning portal with all the checklists, spreadsheets, templates, money-saving tips, and advice you need. Plus, ask us all of your planning questions in our private Discord community.

Alt+Ctrl+Wed™ is priced on a sliding scale starting at $297. Once you join, you have access for as long as you need it. There are no recurring fees (but you can space your payment out over three months if it’s easier on your wallet.)

If you need one-on-one or done-for-you support with just a few pieces of your wedding plans, you can build your own wedding planning package from our suite of a la carte services, which start at $49.

It depends! Our Planning & Design package is only offered in the Seattle metro area. That’s because in order to find you the best venue and vendor team, we have to know the local industry. Seattle is what we know best.

Custom Planning and Event Design packages with Wedding Management are also available in the Portland metro area – where we also know quite a few incredible wedding pros.

Wedding Management packages are available throughout the Pacific Northwest, within about 6 hours of driving time from Seattle. 

For weddings in other locations looking for more support, please ask about our Guided Wedding Planning package, where we’ll help you through every step of planning. Then, we will connect with your local wedding planner to handoff the details so they can be fully up to speed to run your wedding day.

Our planning memberships and a la carte services are all provided virtually and are available throughout the US.

Regrettably, due to the extremely confusing nature of international sales taxes and work visas, we are unable to offer our services outside of the United States.

Yep! We welcome marriers of all genders, identities, and relationship configurations. As well as all body sizes, abilities, skin colors, religious beliefs or lack thereof, and countries of origin. You can learn more about our DEI commitments here. Basically, we welcome everyone!

(However, we do not work with haters, so if you’re anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-fat, racist, xenophobic, etc., kindly show yourself the fuck out.)

Photo credits:
Header: Jackie & Tracy by Jay Eads, Wedding Planning & Design: Julianna & Nicole by Amanda Summerlin, Event Design: Jackie & Tracy by Jay Eads, Partial Planning: Tamara & Greg by Dutcher Photography, Wedding Management: Maddy & Kevin by Anastasia Page Photography, Testimonial: Natalie & Tim by Aisle Less Traveled; background by
 Amanda Summerlin.

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