Wedding Planning Stressing You Out? You Need a Plan. For Planning.

So you tried to do it all yourself and you found out really fucking fast that you have no idea how to plan an event on this scale. Everything costs thousands of dollars and requires a whole bunch of details you haven’t even thought about yet and you don’t know where to start or what to do next or how you will possibly ever get it all done.

That's ok. You've never done this before!

There’s no reason you should know how. And you can relax now because you’re here and I have done this many times before. I know All The Things about weddings and I will make this so much easier for you.

Room 1520 Chicago LGBTQ+ Wedding - Purple Ombre Wedding Cake. © Sylk Photography
I feel this way about cake, too. Photo © Sylk Photography
Here’s what we’re gonna do:
  1. You’re going to click the button below to book your Wedding Planning 101 package ASAP. Like, right fucking now.
  2. We’re going to get on the phone and take a deep dive into your wedding together. I’ll ask all the right questions to find out what kind of wedding you actually want, evaluate where you’re at right now, and give you all the virtual head pats you need to calm the fuck down. It’ll take about an hour.
  3. Then I’m making you a wedding planning plan. It’ll have things like your wedding priorities, a detailed budget, an overview of your aesthetic vision, a checklist/timeline for getting things done, templates and printable forms, and a bunch of other goodies. Exactly what’s included will depend on where you are in the process, what you’re struggling most with, and what’s left to get done.
  4. Your plan gets delivered via email in about a week and then you’ll follow it to get all that shit done! But you don’t have to do it along because you’re also getting a Choose Your Own Wedding subscription for the next six months so that I (and our amazing community) can keep helping you do it.

This does not cost you thousands of dollars like every other wedding thing. It’s only $625.

(You don’t even have to put on pants.)

It's me, on my wedding day, making calls. Don't be like me. Let me be me and do this for you. Photo © Starbelly Studios
$625 waaaaaaay out of your budget? Here’s DIY help for under $40 a month.