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Are you here because you took one quick look at a wedding planning checklist, got completely overwhelmed, and collapsed into a sobbing heap in the corner? Then full service wedding planning might just be the thing for you. 

Photo © Jeremy Lawson Photography
Sarah & Matt's Salvage One wedding. Photo © Jeremy Lawson Photography

You do only the parts of wedding planning that are fun and meaningful for you. I'll do the rest.

You get to ditch the wedstress and enjoy being engaged because I will:

  • Create a budget with you that is realistic and prioritizes the wedding things you want most – and help you stick to it.
  • Do all the crap you don’t want to do, including and especially all the research, phone calls, and emails.
  • Come out for you (if applicable) to vendors and make sure we’re only hiring those who enthusiastically support your relationship AND your wedding vision, no matter how traditional, offbeat, or super gay it might be.
  • Think about all the things that you don’t know you need to. You are free from ever having to calculate how much booze to buy or what time to schedule a hair appointment in order to get to family photos on time or any of the other eleventy million logistical needs that must be considered. I’m on it.
  • Narrow down all the options so that all you have to do is say “We like this one best, let’s hire them!” or “We hate all of these, bring us more choices.” or “We’re can’t decide between these two, help us.”
  • Manage all the information and the people involved and the things coming and going from day one until you ride off into the moonlight happily married – so you can actually enjoy your wedding.
  • Never, ever push you to spend more than you want, do things you don’t like, or make final decisions without you because it’s not my fucking wedding, it’s YOURS.
Photo © Christy Tyler Photography
Kiley & O'Neal's Ignite Glass Studio wedding. © Christy Tyler Photography

Does this sound like the thing you need? (Or hell, the thing you WANT?? Because it’s ok to want things.) Then click the button and let’s talk.

$6875 - 10,000+

Availability: I am completely booked for 2019 weddings. (Wedding Management is still available for one November wedding.)
There are 7 remaining spots available for full/partial planning in 2020. 

Wedding Planning packages are customized just for you. Pricing is based on a number of factors, including what you may have already gotten done, the size and scope of the wedding, and the duration of our planning process. Most complete wedding planning and design packages fall between $8,500-10,000 ($6,500-8,500 if you’ve already chosen a venue), including travel to your wedding location for 1-2 in-person planning trips as well as your wedding weekend. Partial planning packages usually average $3,500-6,000 with a hand-picked selection of services based on your needs. All planning packages include Wedding Management and travel within the continental United States for your wedding weekend.

Virtual and guided planning options, which do not include Wedding Management or any travel, are available at substantially lower rates.

Two Grooms share their first dance at their Chicago wedding. © Cristina G Photography
Kris & Stacy's Chicago wedding. Photo © Cristina G Photography
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