Mix & match to your heart’s desire – you can even add these on to a planning package if you like! Not seeing what you need? No problem. Let’s talk about what you need and I’ll put together a custom proposal for you.

Wedding Planning 101

So you started to plan your wedding. You got online and read some wedding blogs. You tried to make a budget. You began looking at venues and photographers and catering and thinking about decor and logistics and how this is all gonna get done and holy shit, this is a lot of Things and it’s all very overwhelming and dear god, how will you possibly ever get it all done???

You need a plan. Yep, that’s right, a plan for… planning.

Lucky for you, this is the kind of thing we do, like, all day long. So let’s start your wedding planning off on the right foot! 

First, you’re going to do a little bit of homework (it’s fun! pinky swear!), and then we’ll jump on a call together to get your wedding priorities and vision sorted out. 

Then, we’ll research and compile your dream wedding budget, which we’ll review in your second session. And since your dream wedding probably costs more than your actual wedding budget, we’ll also talk about ways to save without sacrificing the things you want most.

After our sessions, you’ll get a customized month-by-month planning guide with suggested tasks, timing, and tips, plus with online access to a wedding budget spreadsheet tailored just for you. 

Finally, you’ll have our wedding planning membership to ensure you have everything you need to keep your planning on track!

625 | includes two sessions + your custom wedding budget + your detailed, month-by-month wedding planning guide + Alt+Ctrl+Wed Planning Membership

Hourly Consultation

Wedding planning by the hour. Your chance to ask me anything about your wedding plans!

Maybe you need a quick brainstorming session, to run your questions by an expert, or have a specific gap in your planning to fill. We’ll meet via phone or video chat to get you the answers and tips you need. Time can be used for any aspect of wedding planning.

150 per hour | one hour minimum

Wedding Logistics Bootcamp

Stressing out about finalizing all the details? No room in your budget for a professional coordinator? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! 

You’ll send me all your plans, contracts, and schedules, which I’ll review before we meet. Then we’ll connect via phone or video chat so I can walk you through my detailed pre-wedding checklist. We’ll go over all the details of your wedding with a specific focus on highlighting areas in your intended plans where extra time or help may be needed and identifying details which may have been overlooked.

After our meeting, I’ll prepare (with your input) a set of organizational documents for your wedding, including a detailed timeline, setup and breakdown plan for your team of volunteers, photo shot list, contact sheet for vendors & VIPs, ceremony order, packing list, and final payment deadlines. 

Follow up support, by phone and email, is included for 30 days after our meeting to answer any last-minute questions you have and help prevent unnecessary panic. 

675 | includes 30 days of follow up support (inquire below)

Anti-Panic Chillout Call

Are you freaking out? Like, your wedding is a couple months from now and you’re sure you should be doing something but you have no idea what? Or you’re absolutely certain that you’ve forgotten something? Or maybe you just started planning and it’s all just too much?

Take a deep breath and call us. This is completely normal, and we can help you. Let’s get on the phone and talk it through. Ask us literally anything about your wedding. We’ll help you get your priorities sorted, make sure you are on track, and show you how to get it done. 

49 | 30 minutes

Timeline Magic

Ok, so if your your photographer needs 3 minutes per photo and the hotel is 18 minutes away from the ceremony venue, which is 7 miles from the hair salon, and the wedding starts at 4:00pm, what time should you schedule your makeup appointment for?

If questions like this one are making you reach for the whiskey, hang tight, wee’ve got you! Let’s do some timeline magic.

You tell us everything you know about your wedding. We ask you some more questions that you probably didn’t know you needed to ask.

We’ll do all the backwards calculating, google mapping, and adding buffer time as needed so your day can run smoothly and without unnecessary rushing around.

Then we’ll make you a beautiful timeline that you can reference, update, give to your wedding party, and share with your vendors.

225 | includes phone meeting to review details + your timeline delivered in google sheet format

Budget Strategy Session

Sticking to your budget is difficult, especially if you’ve never planned a large event before and have no idea what things usually cost! In our Budget Strategy session, we’ll sit down together and go over every bit of your budget line by line. I’ll make suggestions about places you can cut costs (not just the guest list!) while staying true to your wedding vision.

After the session, I’ll hook you up with online access to your personalized budget to track your spending as you continue planning.

Follow up support, by phone and email, is included for 30 days after our meeting to provide expert advice any budget-related aspect of your wedding.

275 | includes 30 days of follow up support

Monthly Planning

Wedding planning by the month is basically like having a planner on call for anything and everything you need! You can use the time to pick my brain, have me research vendors in your area, design or get pricing for your decor ideas, draft a timeline for your day, or just about anything else you need help with for your wedding.

895 per month | includes up to 10 hours of planning (inquire below)

Every Aisle Less Traveled wedding starts with a little speed date so we can see if we’re a match for each other. Head over to the contact page to give us your details and we’ll be in touch to schedule your free consultation!