I love to go places and I’d be thrilled to travel for you! But we all know that dealing with the logistics of travel for your wedding vendors is something you probably don’t even want to contemplate. So, for me and my team at least, how about you don’t? Let me take care of finding the best rates, ensuring we arrive in time to do that thing we do, and making all of the arrangements.

We will handle all of our travel plans so that you don’t have to worry about a single detail. All you have to do is pay for the costs, without any markup, and we promise to make that easy with detailed invoices and online payments, too. 

Because we know you wanna know, here are the travel costs we bill for:

  • Round-trip flights to/from your wedding destination (for destinations more than 5 hours’ driving time from Seattle)
  • Mileage at the current IRS rate to/from your wedding destination (for destinations within 5 hours’ driving time from Seattle)
  • Hotel from the night before your rehearsal through the morning after your wedding day
  • Car rental, cab, and car service expenses for getting around your destination as needed
  • Meals and incidental expenses (like tips for housekeeping staff or parking fees)

International Travel

We would be thrilled to plan or coordinate your wedding anywhere in the world that we are able to legally work! You’ll cover the expenses outlined above plus the cost of any required visas, work permits, or other necessary travel documents aside from our passports. Please contact us if you are considering an international destination for your wedding so we can research work regulations and provide an estimate of travel costs. 

Travel Specials

I love it when I can combine weddings with trips to places I’ve been wanting to go or visits with my friends. So here are some incentives for you to help me make that happen!

Current travel deals:

  • $750 flat rate for travel to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • $175 bonus on any package that includes Wedding Management for weddings taking place in these metro areas:

Kansas City, MO  |  Chicago, IL  |  Atlanta, GA  |  St. Louis, MO

You can use your bonus for anything you want: additional planning meetings, budget strategy, hourly planning, setup help the day before your wedding, or even as a gift to someone else.

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