We love to go places and we’d be thrilled to travel for you! But we all know that dealing with the logistics of travel for your wedding vendors is something you probably don’t even want to contemplate. So, for our team, at least, how about you don’t? Let us take care of finding the best rates, ensuring we arrive in time to do that thing we do, and making all of the arrangements.

We will handle all of our travel plans so that you don’t have to worry about a single detail. All you have to do is reimburse us for the costs, without any markup, and we promise to make that easy with detailed invoices and online payments, too. 

Please note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are only accepting weddings within about 5-6 hours’ driving distance of Seattle, Washington at this time. 

How much will travel cost?

The short answer is: I don’t know. Travel prices fluctuate frequently and sometimes dramatically, so it’s hard to estimate what they’ll be many months from now. But what I can tell you is how we charge for travel:

Weddings that are more than 25 miles but less than 50 miles from Seattle

You’ll be billed $45 per staff member for each round trip our team makes to your wedding venue, plus ferry fees if applicable.

Weddings that require ferries to access

You’ll reimburse our ferry fees plus our wait time at the ferry terminal. If your venue is more than 25 miles from Seattle, the fees above or below also apply.

Due to the nature of ferry schedules, some weddings that require ferries to access will also require hotel stays to ensure that our team can arrive on time to or return home safely from your venue.

Weddings that are more than 50 miles from Seattle

We’ll invoice you for the following travel expenses (except in Portland, OR – see below):

  • Mileage at the current IRS rate to/from your wedding destination (for destinations within about 5 hours’ driving time from Seattle)
  • Round-trip flights to/from your wedding destination (for destinations more than about 5 hours’ driving time from Seattle)
  • Any ferry fees required to reach your wedding destination
  • Hotel from the night before your rehearsal through the morning after your wedding day and for the duration of any planning trips
  • Car rental, cab, and car service expenses for getting around your destination as needed
  • Meals and incidental expenses at the current IRS rate in your wedding destination
  • Any direct expenses we incur in order to work your wedding, like parking, or museum/park entry fees that apply to your venue

Weddings in Portland, Oregon

We think of Portland as our second home and we love to go there! For Portland, Oregon metro area weddings, just cover our hotel costs and we’ll get the rest.