A Wedding Planner’s Take on Mayim Bialik’s Wedding Budget Tips


Have y’all seen this video yet? I watched the first thirty seconds and my blood pressure climbed, but I committed to hearing her out and she does make some good points. I’m gonna break it down, in reverse order – because that’s the order I’d personally rank them in – to give you my wedding planner thoughts on Mayim’s money-saving tips:

#5: It’s Your Wedding and
#4: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I totally agree. Do your own thing. That’s always been my wedding philosophy.

#3: Ditch the Florist

Ditching flowers or doing your own is a good money-saving choice if you have the time, skills, and desire to tackle DIY projects (those fabric flower bouquets and boutonnieres did not make themselves!) or if minimal/no flowers suits your tastes. DIY is not for everyone.

#2: No Wedding Party

Nobody wants wedding party drama! But I don’t think the solution is to skip having one, unless that’s what you want. Instead, read my tips for avoiding wedding party drama.

More importantly, this isn’t really a budget tip? Here in the US, at least, wedding party typically pay for their own attire/alterations and often hair and makeup, so this really should have minimal impact on your wedding budget.

#1: Don’t Get A Wedding Planner

Ok. I couldn’t disagree with this more. And it isn’t because I’m a planner. Or, I guess, maybe it is, because I know what we do and how it affects a wedding! Besides dealing with the obvious logistics of the wedding itself, saving your money and your sanity are major components of what we do for you!!

I think that she meant, “Have a simple wedding so you don’t need a planner,” but that isn’t how the message comes across. And frankly, even “simple” events have a lot of moving parts that can benefit from a professional planner.

Yes, we’re expensive. All wedding stuff is. Throwing a fancy party for a lot of people is not a thrifty endeavor, generally speaking.

And yes – you absolutely can have a wedding without a planner.

Get the Bridechilla or Offbeat Bride books or read wedding blogs or maybe try my planning subscription, which is like an interactive book plus individual help from a pro and go for it!

There is nothing wrong with not hiring a planner. Like DIY, it is not for everyone.

But it really pisses me off to hear her say planners make things harder, more expensive, and less sane. That is literally the opposite of what we do. And if you had that experience, you had a bad wedding planner and I am sorry. Sadly, there are many. That’s why, as with any potential wedding service provider, you want to evaluate their credentials, read reviews, and ask for references in addition to making sure they fit your style, personality, and budget.

As always, I wish you happy planning!

(And if you want to save money and/or your sanity, and you think I might be the one to help you do it? You know where to find me.)

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