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How Much Does a Seattle Wedding Cost in 2024?

How about we get real here? As a wedding planner, I request and review proposals constantly – which means I know how much experienced wedding pros are charging for their services. Using these real numbers, here’s how much a Seattle wedding costs in 2024.

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Resources for Wedding Planners

Mini Timeline Template for Canva

Wow your clients and their VIPs and save some trees! Since everyone always has a phone on them, if they’ve downloaded the timeline, they can check it as often as they need and they won’t lose it.

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Why Are Wedding Planners So F*cking Expensive? (Part 2)

In short: because we are highly skilled at our jobs and both our labor and our expertise are valuable.

Hiring a wedding means planner means saving yourself 500+ hours or about 25% of your work hours in a year.

Plus, an experienced wedding planner can get it done twice as well in less than half the time.

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5 Pro Tips for Attending a Wedding Expo

So, you just got engaged. You started trying to figure out how the fuck to plan a wedding and somewhere on the internet, you encountered your local wedding expo. Sounds great, right? A whole bunch of vendors all in one spot, free food & drinks, maybe even a fashion show or some prizes to help bring down the cost of your wedding! You could plan your whole wedding in a single day, it seems.

Hold up. Before you hit the convention center, here are five tips from a wedding planner to help you get the most out of a wedding expo!

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Aisle Less Traveled weddings

2021 Year in Review

This year was another wild ride in the world of COVID weddings! I’m so grateful for all of our fabulous clients, who took the many changed plans of the pandemic in stride, and for the amazing wedding pros who exemplified teamwork and flexibility through all the ups and downs.

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Aisle Less Traveled weddings

Katie & Greg’s Big Spring Wedding at the Madison Event Center

Katie & Greg’s big spring wedding day wedding day unfolded just outside of Cincinnati at the Madison Event Center, where their guests gathered for an emotional wedding ceremony. A night of dining, dancing, and mugging for the photo booth followed, capped off with a treat from Skyline Chili!

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Aisle Less Traveled weddings

2020 Year in Review

Well, y’all, it really has been a year, hasn’t it? When I wrapped up last year (and my first decade of weddings), I was heading into 2020 with about a dozen weddings on the books and as many trips to go along with them. January was fabulous! I had consultations with amazing couples across the country and I headed to Boston for a few days to meet with prospective vendors and a catering tasting with Anne & Andrew.

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Wedding Planning Memberships

Sick of spending all your free time scouring internet forums for the wedding planning advice you need?

Stressing about wedding day logistics and who will handle them when you can’t do it yourself?

Wish you could work with a professional wedding planner but it’s out of budget?

Then you need Alt+Ctrl+Wed™.

Alt+Ctrl+Wed™ is a self-paced virtual program packed with planning advice, how to instructions, exclusive discounts, and all of the checklists, spreadsheets, and templates you need to get your wedding planned.

Plus, ask me and my team of wedding planners absolutely anything and get our personal support with every part of planning through our private Discord community.

Alt+Ctrl+Wed™ is offered on a sliding scale starting at just $297 for access as long as you needed. 

The Super Gay Wedding Podcast

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Cindy Savage | Aisle Less Traveled

Cindy Savage is the queer, fat, feminist wedding planner behind Aisle Less Traveled and the co-creator/co-host of the Super Gay Wedding podcast. When she's not busy planning unique and creative weddings for the absolute best couples around, she can usually be found wearing stretchy pants with her nose in a book or a craft project in her hands. She currently lives in Seattle with her partner and an assortment of small houseplants.