How Much Does a Seattle Wedding Cost in 2024?

A while back, I wrote a post about the average cost of a wedding in the USA. And, uh, that was a while back and at a time when I’d been working kind of all over the place and could give you solid info on pricing just about from coast to coast. But now, I’ve been in Seattle for just over four years, I’ve stopped planning weddings outside of the Pacific Northwest, and I have a pretty good handle on local pricing. So, let’s break down how much a Seattle wedding costs in 2024. (Planning for 2025? This is a good baseline, but assume most of these numbers will go up 5-10% for next year to keep pace with inflation.)

First, a little background. A lot has changed during these pandemic years and one thing I’m sure you’ve felt in your bank account is inflation. Because most wedding businesses are small businesses, often with just one or two owners and no employees, inflation hits us just as hard as it hits you. And in a high cost of living area like Seattle, that means we’ve all had to raise our prices significantly just to keep paying rent and buying groceries. (Wanna know why we charge so much? Here’s the math.)

Second, a note about those “average” costs you see on the internet. If you’ve never planned a wedding or a large event before, you probably think that average is a great place to start! I’m sorry to tell you that it’s actually a terrible place to start because it’s not good data. It’s self-reported, it’s skewed by who self-reports, it does not take into consideration what vendors are actually charging, and not to get all math nerdy here, but what would really be helpful is the median and the mode, rather than the average. Case in point: the two biggest sources that report wedding data state that the average cost in 2022 in the Seattle area was $28,000 or $45,200. Which are two very different numbers in addition to being outdated (2023 data has not been published yet.)

How about we get real here? As a wedding planner, I request and review proposals constantly – which means I know how much experienced wedding pros are charging for their services.

Using these real numbers, here’s how much a Seattle wedding costs in 2024.

I’ve made two columns here: the “Average” column represents a fairly standard wedding – not so budget that you have to DIY, but also no real bells and whistles, likely working with wedding pros who have around 3-5 years of experience. The “Elevated” column reflects a wedding that is, well, elevated. This means different things to different people, but primarily reflected in the numbers here is working with a team of very experienced (10+ years) and talented wedding pros. Everything that is affected by guest count (catering, floral, dessert, etc.) has been calculated for 100 guests.

Photo Booth$1,500$3,000
Wedding Planner$2,500$15,000
Hair & Makeup$2,500$4,800
Stationery & Signage$500$3,500
Wedding Gown$1,000$5,000
Wedding Rings$500$8,000
Misc. Small Expenses$500$2,500
Average Cost Per Guest
Average cost of a Seattle wedding in 2024.


There is a wide range of pricing and what’s included for each and every type of vendor. These are ballpark guidelines and your mileage may vary considerably, depending on your guest count, needs, and wants. An experienced wedding planner, like me, can help you develop a detailed wedding budget that more accurately reflects the wedding you want (and can afford) to have vs. this more general estimate.

Most Seattle weddings cost somewhere in between these high and low estimates. Not every couple will hire vendors in every category included here.

Weddings in the $80-100k+ range make up the bulk of what you see on Pinterest and wedding blogs, which is why it can be hard to reconcile the “average” cost of weddings with what you’re quoted when you ask for the kinds of products and services that you’ve seen in wedding media.

Are you struggling to figure out a realistic budget? We can help! Here’s how:

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