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Hanna & Alex’s Super Feminist, Non-Traditional, Pizza Delivery, Puppy Playroom, Ice Cream Sundae Bar Wedding!

Meet Hanna and Alex. These two are a shining example of a couple really staying true to themselves throughout the wedding planning process! We dissected just about every tradition to figure out what felt right to keep and toss. (We tossed A LOT.) From the get-go, we knew we’d be Read more…

What Does a Wedding Planner Actually Do? And Do We Really Need One?

Aisle Less Traveled associate coordinator Kelly zips Kiley into her wedding gown. Photo: Christy Tyler Photography

Wikipedia defines wedding planner as “a professional who assists with the design, planning and management of a client’s wedding.” If you believe Hollywood stereotypes, wedding planners mostly run around in really sexy business suits, dictating to the couple how things should and should not be done, ordering them to spend Read more…

How To Plan a Wedding When Civilization is Doomed

A bride and groom flash their middle fingers at a confederate memorial. Amanda and Steve Say Fuck the Confederacy - Photo by Amanda Summerlin Photgraphy

7 ways to mitigate the frivolity of planning a big-ass party when neo-Nazis are marching, the planet is melting, and POTUS is leading the Confederate States of America with “alternative facts.” 1. GET CLEAR ON WHY YOU ARE EVEN DOING THIS There is a fuck ton of pressure on all Read more…