The Best LGBTQ+ Friendly Wedding Venues in Seattle

As a queer person who’s gotten married (twice!) and a wedding planner with over 13 years of experience primarily working with LGBTQ+ folks, I know first-hand how frustrating it can be to try to find a venue that won’t just take your pink dollars, but will actually welcome you with enthusiasm. So I embarked on a project with my colleague and partner-in-gay-crime, Alesha Brown of Rove Coast Photography, to bring the best LGBTQ+ friendly wedding venues in Seattle directly to you. Read on to find out who made the cut and see Alesha’s gorgeous photos!

The Best LGBTQ Wedding Venues in Seattle

How We Picked the Best LGBTQ+ Friendly Wedding Venues in Seattle

We hate rainbow capitalism as much as y’all do, so we came up with a set of criteria for venues to meet in order to be included on this list. And you can trust us, because we’re both queer vendors working full-time in this industry – we’ve been navigating these spaces for a long time and we know the venues and vendors who share our values and are truly inclusive to our LGBTQ+ community.

We’ve put together this list with a few things in mind. First, every wedding is unique, so we’ve included a diverse array of venues. There’s something for everyone (and every size wedding) here.

Second, every venue on this list has passed our vibe check and vetting process. In addition to our past experiences working at some of these venues, we also evaluated each venue on a set of criteria specific to this guide. We only included venues who:

  • Use inclusive language on their websites and social media and in their contracts, because seeing the word “bridal” all over the place when you’re not one is a major turn off
  • Gave thoughtful answers about why their Seattle wedding venues are great for LGBTQ+ folks and what couples love about them
  • Have all-gender restrooms or offer all-gender bathroom signs upon request, because having a safe place to pee is important for you and all of your guests
  • Offer two equally appointed prep suites, so you won’t get stuck with a flowery bridal suite and a ball-and-chain themed man cave. Gross.
  • Showcase LGBTQ+ weddings alongside straight folks on their websites and social media
  • If they require you to choose from a specific list of caterers or other vendors for your wedding, they have vendors on their list who are also LGBTQ+ inclusive.
  • Passed our vibe check during our vetting process and our tours
  • Are enthusiastic LGBTQ+ supporters who show dedication to growth and inclusivity

And so, we’re thrilled to bring you the 2024 edition of the Best LGBTQ+ Friendly Wedding Venues in Seattle! Here they are, in no particular order:

Parties on the Terrace

Woman-owned | Location: Redmond | Capacity: 120 Guests

Love the vibes of a backyard wedding but don’t want to deal with the logistics that come with turning your home into a wedding venue? Then you’ll want to put Parties on the Terrace at the top of your list. Owners Patti and Jeff have lovingly turned their backyard into an exceptional space for your wedding! With lush lawns, landscaped gardens, multiple fire pits, and some tall trees, you’ll get that quintessential PNW garden vibe that seems to be on every marrier’s wishlist around here.

And – you won’t have to worry about the weather killing the mood because you also get access to 2400 square feet of climate-controlled space plus a heated, covered patio to keep everyone warm (or cool) and dry. Two spacious prep suites give you all the room you need to get ready and just one wedding per weekend means you won’t feel rushed through your celebration.

You’ll love…

The personal, hands-on vibes from Patti & Jeff; the many different options for where to hold each part of your wedding; the thoughtful touches and amenities that come with your rental.

The Best LGBTQ Wedding Venues in Seattle - Parties on the Terrace

Treehouse Point

The Best LGBTQ Wedding Venues in Seattle - Treehouse Point

Location: Issaquah | Capacity: 80 Guests

Nestled in a verdant Pacific Northwest forest, Treehouse Point is a truly one-of-a-kind wedding venue. Your wedding rental comes with a full buyout of the property – which means that you and your favorite guests will be spending your wedding night in treehouses!

And, despite being just a short drive from Seattle, you’ll feel like you’ve gone much farther when you step foot into the woods and hear the river running alongside of you.
Marry on the lawn with their whimsical twisting branch backdrop, then head up the trail to the Pond Room for your cocktail hour. Lean over the railing and see if any fish are jumping. You’ll dine under a tent on a meal designed just for you – with all of your guests’ dietary restrictions considered. (And if how it smelled when we visited is any indication, you are in for a delicious treat!) Dance the night away and then tuck yourselves into your private treehouse for the night.

You’ll love…

The intimate atmosphere; the serenity of the forest, where you can fully unplug; the treehouses!

Imperia Lake Union

LGBTQ+ and Woman-owned | Location: Seattle | Capacity: 180 Guests

Some venues are a neutral blank slate for your creative ideas. And others – they come with the vibe built in. Imperia Lake Union will transport you into a Gatsby-era speakeasy (complete with some secret doors!) It’s vintage, it’s glam, it’s got a view of the Space Needle from its spot right on Lake Union – and it’s owned by an LBGTQ+ couple who care deeply about the space, their staff, and your experience.

Have your ceremony under the dramatic chandelier and skylights or at nearby Fairview Park. Then, treat your guests to the glamorous atmosphere and fine dining the Imperia team will create. Go big with the visuals and cover the whole space in flowers or – do absolutely nothing – and it will still be gorgeous. The mirrors, candles, and other sparkling touches make a perfect backdrop on their own.

You’ll love…

The old-world charm; the hidden doors (I won’t tell you how many); the unbeatable location.

The Best LGBTQ Wedding Venues in Seattle - Imperia Lake Union

Twin Willow Gardens

trees and garden path - Twin Willow Gardens

Woman-owned | Location: Snohomish | Capacity: 150 Guests

If an upscale garden party is what you’re looking for, let us introduce you to Twin Willow Gardens! We love working there because they make everything easy – for everyone. I’m sure that’s in no small part because one of the two owners, Rebecca, is a wedding planner herself. The layout and amenities have been thoughtfully planned to make your wedding day go off without a hitch.

But we know ease isn’t the only thing you’re looking for. Don’t worry – it’s gorgeous, too! Start off with your ceremony in a little forest glen, complete with a path through the woods that leads you to the wooden arbor you’ll get married beneath. It’s giving Twilight vibes. Then, wander through the lawns and gardens during cocktail hour before heading to the tent for dinner. Its three chandeliers add ambiance and a spot for hanging greenery; wooden cross-back chairs are the standard, not an upgrade.

You’ll love…

The ceremony area in the woods; all the amenities (with no upcharges); the personal attention and ease of planning with their team.

The Lodge at St. Edward State Park

Location: Kenmore | Capacity: 120 Guests

Nestled in the middle of a state park, this former seminary has been restored into a modern luxury lodge. With stunning views of old-growth forests and a historic grotto as your ceremony backdrop, you can have the classic Pacific Northwest nature-vibes wedding that you’ve been dreaming of – and follow it up with an indoor/outdoor reception that doesn’t skimp on amenities or character.

Don’t think it’s going to be just another boring hotel wedding reception, though! Situated on the lower level of the building, it has a lovely old fireplace and despite being a ballroom, it somehow makes you feel like you’re in a cozy little forest hovel. Except, you know, it’s climate-controlled and tastefully decorated, with a neutral palette that can enhance whatever colors and styles you want to bring. Plus, you get to use the adjacent terrace, so you can keep the outdoorsy vibe going all night if you like. With lots of options for customization, you can really make the spaces yours.

You’ll love…

The top-notch menu of local and seasonal dishes (I’ve tasted it myself so I can confirm!); the convenience of on-site lodging; the opportunity to explore the park during your wedding weekend.

The Lodge at St Edward State Park

Novelty Hill-Januik Winery

Novelty Hill-Januik Winery Lower Garden

Woman-owned | Location: Woodinville | Capacity: 120 Guests

What impressed me the most when we toured Novelty Hill was just how many different spaces they have for your wedding. Spaces equal options. They’ve got you covered, no matter what you want. Indoor wedding? Check. Outdoor wedding? Check. Industrial building and ceremony backdrop? Check. Trees and plants and nature? Check. Open kitchen? Check. Can’t even tell where the kitchen is from your table? Check. There are just so many possibilities.

And each of their spaces has its own distinct charm! From the wooden beam, wine barrels, and shelves of bottles in their tasting room to the tree-lined, garden party ambiance of their many outdoor spaces, there is something for everyone. Plus, you’ll be sipping on their award-winning wines all night long.

You’ll love…

The variety of spaces, both indoor and out, to choose from; many amenities; the wine!

The Seattle Aquarium

Location: Seattle | Capacity: 200 Guests

You probably already know if an aquarium wedding is right for you but let’s just double-check. Do you want to get hitched on a pier overlooking Elliott Bay and the Sound? Would you and your guests be delighted if you got to watch an otter feeding or pet some sea anemones during your cocktail hour? How would you enjoy signing your marriage license in the candle-lit glow of the underwater dome? And then dancing the night away in front of a wall of fish?

If you’re nodding along like YESSSSSS WE WANT THAT, then we have great news for you: The Seattle Aquarium has you covered on all of that and more. With multiple spaces and options for including various exhibits and creatures in your wedding, you can really customize your experience. Plus, their in-house hospitality team will make sure you eat well with their focus on local and sustainable menus.

You’ll love…

The touch tanks and otter feeding; the dreamy romantic atmosphere cast by the glow of aquatic tanks at night; the fact that your wedding is going to be the coolest one your guests have ever been to. Oh, and your wedding will be contributing to the Aquarium’s mission of marine conservation. So you can feel good about that, too.

Otters at the Seattle Seattle Aquarium

The Ruins

Prep Suite at The Ruins

AAPI & Woman-owned | Location: Seattle | Capacity: 90 Guests

WIthout a doubt, The Ruins is the quirkiest wedding venue in Seattle and maybe even the whole state. If you’re ready to get weird at your wedding, then you need to wander through this place and see if it’s the one. Each room is a character of its own and eclectic is the vibe.

There’s the ballroom, with murals of trees and stars and other delights absolutely covering every wall and the ceiling. It’s dark, it’s moody, it’s dramatic. It’s a great spot for dining or dancing. There’s the dining room, which will make you feel like you’re living in Bridgerton, with its antique fireplace and grand chandeliers. The lounge will make you feel like royalty and the library is a perfect spot to escape all the hustle and bustle of a wedding day.

You’ll love…

The weirdness; the feeling of discovering a secret place that doesn’t seem like it should exist at all and especially not in the middle of the city; the LGBTQ+ management and coordination team

JM Cellars

Woman-owned | Location: Woodinville | Capacity: 100 Guests

Nestled in the trees on seven acres, JM Cellars is a quintessential Pacific Northwest venue. In addition to being a winery, JM Cellars is a certified arboretum, with over a hundred different types of Japanese maples and over four hundred rare conifers and pines. Yes, it’s a winery and it definitely feels like one – but it also feels like it just kinda popped up in the middle of the forest one day.

Get married in a grassy nook, tucked under a wooden pergola, or in front of the big metal doors. Gather around the wine barrels for your cocktail hour and then dine on the patio or indoors, under the twinkling lights. Make your way to the barrel room for dancing and wind down the night around the fire pit. Everything flows really nicely here, one thing leading right into the next.

You’ll love…

Those PNW vibes seeping into every area; a whole floor of space for getting ready or sneaking away from the crowd; the award-winning wines!

Best LGBTQ Wedding Venues in Seattle JM Cellars

MV Skansovia Ferry

MV Skansonia

AAPI & Woman-owned | Location: Seattle | Capacity: 175 Guests

Attention boat people and history lovers: this one’s for you. Do you get starry-eyed when you ride a ferry, even though you’ve ridden ferries many times before? Are you the kind of person who sort of wishes you could just get a little tour of the Titanic? Then we suggest the MV Skansovia as your wedding venue!

When you step on board, you’ll feel as though you are stepping back in time. This historic ferry-turned-venue offers a truly unique setting for weddings. Get married on the deck of the boat, with the Seattle skyline behind you and then head into the old car holding area. You’ll dine and dance under twinkling lights, surrounded by polished wood interiors, porthole windows, and even the original wooden cashier’s booth.

You’ll love…

The charm of getting married on a boat; the unparalleled view of the city; the vintage decor.

Rein Fire Ranch

LGBTQ-owned | Location: Ravensdale | Capacity: 200 Guests

If mountain views and an escape from the city are your wedding weekend plans, then you should consider Rein Fire Ranch as your wedding venue. A 45-acre former horse facility, the Ranch is nestled into the serene Sugarloaf Mountain Valley, yet still convenient to both Seattle and Tacoma. An expansive property gives you lots of options for where to hold your ceremony, plenty of outdoor space to enjoy, and a 4000 square foot barn for dinner and dancing.

You’ll be in the good hands of LGBTQ+ owners Rich and George, who will help you make the most of your time on the ranch and can even serve as your DJ and MC team. There are many options to enhance your wedding here, like entering your ceremony in a vintage truck or horse-drawn carriage or treating your guests to a good old-fashioned wagon ride.

You’ll love…

The fresh mountain air – and views; the bonfire pit; the gentle guidance and hands-on help from Rich and George

Rein Fire Ranch Wedding Ceremony Pavilion

Sole Repair Shop

Sole Repair Shop sign

AAPI-owned | Location: Seattle | Capacity: 60 Guests

In the heart of Capitol Hill, Sole Repair Shop is perfect for intimate weddings and rehearsal dinners. This small, family-owned venue prides itself on giving each event their full attention. They’ve hosted plenty of LGBTQ+ weddings in the past and are always thrilled to welcome our community.

Their two-story space is ready for all of your creative touches, so get ready to transform it to match your vision. Its neutral palette of warm woods and whites will go with any style. And you won’t have to worry about finding a caterer or bartender, because they take care of both services in house. And, for you pet lovers, they are dog-friendly!

You’ll love…

The location; the casual, welcoming vibe; the blank canvas to make your design dreams come true.

Ready to Plan your LGBTQ+ Wedding in Seattle?

We are here to help you find the best LGBTQ+ friendly wedding venues in Seattle – and a team of inclusive wedding pros – for your big day. Whether it’s one of the venues featured on this list or we need to look a little further, we know the best venues around – and we’ll help you with rest of the planning, too. Check out our wedding planning services here and inquire today! 

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