So the coronavirus forced you to reschedule your wedding and you just... cannot... deal?​

It's gonna be ok, friends. Your COVID-19 Wedding Postponement Navigator is here.

If you are so over wedding planning and absolutely don’t want to do it again, I’ve got great news for you: You don’t have to!

You’ve just made a very difficult decision and you probably have a lot of Feels about it. The last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of time contacting your vendors and playing scheduling bingo to try to find a new wedding date that works for your whole team of event pros.

And, like most wedding pros, I suddenly find myself with some unexpected free time this spring. So how about we join forces to make this rescheduling your wedding thing as easy as possible?

Introducing the Wedding Postponement Navigator package! (LOL SOB.)

Here’s what’s gonna happen:

  1. You’re going to drop your info in the form below and then watch your email for the official paperwork to hire us. 
  2. Once you’re booked, we’ll gather all your vendor info + your preferences for a new wedding date.
  3. We’re gonna reach out to each of your venues and vendors, find out what their reschedule policies are, and get a list of available dates from them.
  4. I’ll put together a date matrix showing you who’s available when and a summary of each vendor’s reschedule policy so that you can make a decision. It’ll look like this: color coded chart of wedding vendor availability
  5. If you need or want one, you can schedule a phone call or video meeting with me to talk through the options and get some help making the necessary decisions.
  6. You tell me what date you want to move to and I’ll send the update to your vendors and ask them to send the date change docs your way.

Because I’m all about being upfront about pricing: it’s gonna cost you $275.

Let's Get Your Wedding Rescheduled!

You don’t even have to put on pants. Which is good because you probably haven’t worn anything that doesn’t stretch in a month or two anyway, right? 😭