Submit Your Wedding to the Aisle Less Traveled Blog

Floral Wedding Centerpiece at Ignite Glass Studios
Photo © Christy Tyler Photography

Do you want to see your wedding featured on this here blog? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I welcome submissions from any weddings that fall under the Aisle Less Traveled umbrella of independent, feminist, and/or LGBTQ+ folks getting married. It doesn’t matter if your wedding is super traditional or entirely offbeat or somewhere in between. If you’re making your own choices, questioning the patriarchy, and maybe being queer while you’re doing it, your wedding deserves to be seen!

All submissions will be considered; priority will be given to weddings from members of the Aisle Less Traveled Community and to weddings featuring folks who are under-represented in wedding media. You know, people who’ve walked the Aisle Less Traveled. 😉

An important note about photos: Due to copyright laws and, you know, respect for my fellow wedding pros, I cannot and will not publish any photos without explicit, written permission from the photographer who took them. So please – send your photographer a quick email before you submit and ask for their permission before you fill out this form.

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